Managing Time or Attempting to Manage Time

Every week we have seven days, each day has 24 hours or 168 hours each week, and each hour has 60 minutes for a total of 1,440 minutes per day and 10,080 minutes per week.

I have a pastor friend who spent a great deal of time studying the various time management tools that are available in preparation for writing his own book on time management. At the end of his study he remarked that most, if not all of the tools he studied taught a person how to do more in less time and to feel guilty about the things that do not get accomplished. At that point he knew that his book was going to teach  a person how to do less in more time and not feel guilty about the things that do not get done.

I have another pastor friend who would divide each day into three sections – morning, afternoon, and evening. He then scheduled his time making sure that no more than three days each week had something scheduled for the evening, and that each of those three days had nothing scheduled for both of the remaining two time blocks. Finally he made sure that one day each week had nothing scheduled.

Each week was divided into 27 blocks – one day each week with nothing scheduled, 3 days each week with nothing scheduled in the evening, and 3 days each week when things were scheduled in the evening but with nothing schedule in one of the remaining 2 blocks – morning and afternoon. Out of 27 blocks of time each week one whole day had nothing scheduled in any block, six days where things were scheduled in only two blocks also preserving the rule of nothing scheduled more than 3 evenings a week. This yields a total of 18 blocks each week when things might be scheduled and 6 blocks each week, including three evenings, when nothing could be scheduled, and one entire day each week when nothing was scheduled.

Early in my adult life I was trained in the method of time management devised and taught by Stephen Covey. Finally, a few years ago I devised a unique system that works for me, when I take the time to do it. It combines the Covey system with some of each of the two examples outlined in this post. In my next writing I will outline what works for me and the reasoning I used as I planned my system. It enables me to make good use of my time most of the time, and I think that is what matters. At least it keeps me sane at least most of the time.

Grace and peace!




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