Seeing hope at the edge of the distant horizon

  1. Right now the future looks very discouraging and hope is just barely visible on the far distant horizon. I have come to the conclusion that the only thing that might save us – the world – is a massive and unified uprising of people in revolution – standing together at all times, in all ways, and in all places for what is good and what is true.

    My prayer is that I may be remembered as one who stood at the heart of the beginning of that revolution – one who cared and believed enough to devote the remainder of my life to that cause. I do not have money, I do have a disabling medical condition, there are many things that I no longer am able to do which for many years I basically took for granted.

    I proudly bring my Native American heritage to this cause in memory of the many years that our Native American sisters and brothers have endured continuous oppression and hate – always being pushed to the edges of life where they become for the most part – invisible. We the people must move from the fringes of visibility to the core of humanity – coming together to save life as we know it and as it may become in the future.

    I also bring my artist’s view of the world to this cause! Without art moving the soul, no amount of scientific data and facts will save this planet. Revolution begins in the heart and in the soul of the human being and becomes most powerful when it is given space and support to involve all of the human senses together in a unified expression of love, justice, and mercy.

    One nice thing about the form of the disease that I have – it does not effect the heart or the lungs – and, so far anyway, not the brain. So – I do have a heart, I do have a brain, and I am able to breathe well and so today I dedicate those things to the beginning of the revolution that is required to save this planet!

    God, hear our prayer!!

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Active in substance abuse recovery.
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